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Solar panels in Valkenswaard contribute to the municipality's vision when it comes to sustainability. Valkenswaard aims to be energy neutral by 2050, a goal the municipality shares with the rest of the Netherlands. Steps have already been taken towards a greener Valkenswaard, but of course there is always room for improvement. Together with Solar Crew you can contribute to this and not only! You too can benefit from installing solar panels on the roof of your home.

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Recent projects

New building: Lage Heide - Valkenswaard

View reviews | 1120 panels | 313,600 Wp | Offsetting
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Lage Heide - Valkenswaard

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View reviews | 140 panels | 12,600 Wp | Offsetting
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Solar panels on flat roof in Valkenswaard - Private project

View reviews | 48 panels | 20640 Wp | SDE
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Amvest Vestgoed developer

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Wilvo Metaal - Bergeijk

View reviews | 1844 panels | 497,880 Wp | SDE+
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In this process, Solar Crew stands with the client. We ensure that you will not be faced with surprises and can come to us with questions. Together with you, we will make Valkenswaard more sustainable!


The advice Solar Crew gives clients is always sincere and honest. Even when we disagree with something, because that is part of honest advice. In this way we achieve the best and desired result together. In our advice we are not tied to suppliers or brands and are therefore independent. The advice can range from slope angles to subsidy possibilities.


Solar Crew believes it is important that the client knows what we are doing. That's why we technically map out the entire process, which we call engineering. This is how we work toward your goal where we achieve the desired result.


When installations are done by Solar Crew, the same team is always worked with which stands for mastery. Our team understands the technology of the installations and has the knowledge and skills. Our installations meet all applicable requirements and standards and are of high quality.

Service and maintenance

Solar Crew's service starts after completion of the project. This consists of monitoring the return that the solar panels should deliver, periodic inspection and maintenance of the solar panels in Valkenswaard.