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Solar panels in Oirschot contribute to the municipality's goal of being energy neutral by 2040. This means that Oirschot will have reached the Netherlands' goal by then! The Netherlands aims to be energy neutral by 2050. The purchase of solar panels is ideal to achieve this wonderful goal. You not only help make Oirschot more sustainable by purchasing solar panels on your roof, but you also benefit tremendously yourself. Solar Crew is the right partner in this process. We ensure that all your questions are answered and guide you from start to finish.

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In this process you are not alone. Solar Crew will guide you every step of the way so that together we can make Oirschot more sustainable and let you experience the benefits of solar panels!


The advice you get from Solar Crew is honest and sincere at all times. We believe it is important that our clients are prepared for what we do, which is why we will cover everything with you upfront. From type of roofs to solar panels needed. Nothing will go untreated!


The entire project in Oirschot is visualized as concretely as possible during the engineering phase. Zo weten onze opdrachtgevers waar ze aan toe zijn en wat ze van ons kunnen verwachten. In doing so, we work toward the final view. What does your investment mean in the long term?


At Solar Crew, we only work with the most reliable brands and suppliers to assure you of high quality. When installing the solar panels, we will also provide the conversion of generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Service and maintenance

With Solar Crew, you are assured of optimal returns on your solar panels. Our systems are monitored 24/7. Periodically we will check the solar panels in Oirschot in consultation with the clients. Solar Crew also takes care of periodic maintenance, because only clean solar panels ultimately yield returns!