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Solar panels in Nuenen can contribute to the importance of sustainability in the region. It is a suitable solution for making Nuenen more sustainable and experiencing the benefits yourself. But how does buying solar panels work? What do you need to pay attention to? Is your roof suitable and are there any subsidy options? You have all kinds of questions and don't know where to start. Don't worry Solar Crew will answer all your questions and take away your doubts.

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Recent projects

Moonen - Hilvarenbeek

View reviews | 2430 panels | 874,800 Wp | SDE+
Project hilvarenbeek agricultural solar panels installers around kempen quality solar power installer
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View reviews | 9 panels | 3780 Wp | Offset
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View reviews | 21 panels | 7350 Wp | Offsetting
shed solar panels eersel gazebo canopy solar panels region eindhoven waalre
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View reviews | 36 panels | 12,600 Wp | Offsetting
Aesthetically pleasing solar panels full black jinko high generation Solar Crew solar panels eersel
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View reviews | 17 panels | 5950 Wp | Offsetting
Solar panels on tiled roof tile solar panel aesthetic
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Lage Mierde

View reviews | 30 panels | 9,750 Wp | Offsetting
Aesthetic solar panel installer region eindhoven kempen eersel
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Solar Crew is your ideal partner for solar panel installation. We provide a custom project, delivering quality so that we meet your needs and you can enjoy the many benefits of solar panels!


Our advice is always sincere and honest. This way, you always know where you stand and never encounter any surprises. We give independent advice. Our years of experience make us your ideal sparring partner for all your questions and ideas. We ensure that we have covered all aspects before we get to work.


We visualize a project technically from A to Z, we call this engineering. During the execution of the project, the safety of Solar Crew's employees and of the environment in Nuenen is the main focus.


We only work with the most reliable brands and suppliers and always adhere to the legal requirements and standards in place. Our employees have years of experience a very extensive knowledge and skills. They will also naturally leave their workplace clean.

Service and maintenance

We monitor Solar Crew's installations 24/7. With this we ensure optimal efficiency. In addition to this service, we also periodically check the systems. As an extra service, we also come and clean them.