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Solar panels in Hoogeloon contribute to the goal of being energy neutral in 2050 and as a resident of the municipality you can of course contribute to this by having solar panels installed on your own home. Not only will you experience the benefits of this investment, but you will also make Bladel a little greener. Solar Crew has years of experience and will guide you with the purchase of your own set of beautiful solar panels! Only where do you start? What do you need? No worries, Solar Crew is ready to answer any questions you may have. We will get everything out of the sun for you!

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Recent projects

Solar panels in Hoogeloon side house - private project

View reviews | 8 panels | 3440 Wp | Offsetting
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Beerens - Hoogeloon

View reviews | 944 panels | 438,960 Wp Wp | SDE++
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Albert Heijn - Bladel

View reviews | 376 panels | 122,200 Wp | SDE+
Albert Heijn - Bladel project business market Solar Crew best quality solar panels kempen region eindhoven
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VVE Sniederspassage - Bladel

View reviews | 82 panels | 25,010 Wp | SDE
realization solar panels new construction sector kempen eindhoven region environment installation solar power solar energy
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View reviews | 18 panels | 6,300 Wp | Offsetting
Full black solar panels region eindhoven eersel hapert bladel mierde bergeijk valkenswaard tilburg region
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View reviews | 26 panels | 10,530 Wp | Offsetting
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Solar Crew shares with the Netherlands the ambition to be energy neutral in 2050. We are happy to play a role in this and in doing so, we are getting everything out of the sun in Hoogeloon!


Solar Crew's advice is always customized, honest and sincere. We are your sparring partner for all your questions or ideas. Thanks to our years of experience you can always rely on us. We provide quality solar panels with the best return!


In this phase, we are going to technically visualize the project. This way you will know what to expect and you will never be surprised. The plans will be worked out in 3D to give you a good picture. In addition, the calculations will also be fully worked out.

The same goes for lifting positions and laying plans where we ensure that the safety of our employees and the environment in Hoogeloon is paramount.


We handle all installations ourselves. We put the panels on your roof and also convert the generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). During the project, you will have the same team on the floor every day. They deliver high-quality mastery and understand the technology.

Service and maintenance

You can use our service immediately after completion. We ensure that optimal returns are achieved. Our systems are monitored 24/7. Periodically we will check and clean the system.