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Purchase solar panels in Eindhoven for your home or business premises? Then Solar Crew is the right party! We install solar panels in Eindhoven for both individuals and businesses.

Do you want to install solar panels in Eindhoven for your business premises? We understand like no other that daily business processes should not be hindered by the installation of solar panels. In consultation with you, we determine the planning so that you as a company are inconvenienced as little as possible. We inform you as the client about the possibilities of an SDE+ subsidy. This subsidy was specially created by the Dutch government to encourage businesses to switch to renewable energy. Check out the possibilities for business solar panels.

Do you want to install solar panels in Eindhoven for your home? You can always come to us for advice (from the very first plans or ideas), to the elaboration, installation and service and maintenance in the field of solar panels. We take care of the complete picture from A to Z. When we are finished, you will be using solar energy, with optimal efficiency. Private individuals in Eindhoven really have a premium partner in us. View the possibilities of solar panels for individuals.

Advice solar panels Eindhoven

Recent projects

New building: Hoog Stratum - Eindhoven

View reviews | 248 panels | 76,880 Wp | Offset
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View reviews | 92 panels | 29,140 Wp | Offsetting
Full black black frame black substructure flat roof landscape solar panels Solar Crew
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New building: Picuskade - Eindhoven

View reviews | 84 panels | 25200 Wp | Offset
Solar Panels New Construction Eindhoven
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Solar panels on flat roof in Eindhoven - Private project

View reviews | 24 panels | 10320 Wp | SDE
Having solar panels installed on a private flat roof in Eindhoven
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Emilius School - Son

View reviews | 538 panels | 172,160 Wp | SDE+
Emilius School - Son example solar crew solar panels
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View reviews | 17 panels | 5950 Wp | Offsetting
Solar panels on tiled roof tile solar panel aesthetic
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Take advantage of grants

In Eindhoven, too, there is a possibility of subsidies for solar panels. Unfortunately, in practice, we regularly see that subsidies are overlooked, roof surfaces are not cleverly or optimally used and that no honest and concrete picture is given about the return (yield) of the installation. We always give you honest advice and come up with alternatives if we think it can be done better, more beautiful or smarter. We think along with you all the way to the transformer. We also know what is needed when it comes to construction calculations and we know the way to energy consultants to help you buy and sell solar energy.

One thing is central to our advice; we translate your question into the best possible solution, focused on returns that bring an energy-neutral Netherlands (and, of course, Eindhoven) another step closer.

Engineering of solar panels in Eindhoven

For us engineering means the technical visualization of a project from A to Z (advice, engineering, installation as well as service and maintenance). We make calculations and work out plans in 3D. Laying plans and hoisting positions are also worked out. Safety for our people and the environment is our main concern. We also map this out in advance. During the engineering phase, we visualize as concretely as possible what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. We find it important that our clients understand us and know what we are doing. This applies from the quotation to the delivery phase and everything in between. We work towards that well-known dot on the horizon; what does your investment mean for the long term? And what choices are we going to make together?

Installation of solar panels in Eindhoven

All our installations are completely installed by Solar Crew itself. In doing so, we conform to all applicable requirements and standards. The installations are high quality, we only work with the most reliable brands and suppliers.

Installation of solar panels in Eindhoven goes much further than simply laying a roof full of solar panels. We take care of converting the generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).When we come over, the work is always carried out by one and the same team. All our teams stand for high-quality mastery; they understand the technology, have all the knowledge and skills, have an eye for order and tidiness and always leave the workplace clean. We also describe what they deliver as an 'energy factory'. In addition, everyone within Solar Crew speaks and understands the Dutch language. This prevents miscommunication and ensures that we get everything out of it together, resulting in high-quality mastery.

Service & maintenance in Eindhoven

With us, service and maintenance begins immediately after completion of the solar panel installation. All of our clients' systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure that the efficiency is and remains optimal. In addition to continuous remote monitoring, we also periodically check the installation on site. We do this in consultation with our clients. In addition, we provide periodic maintenance of solar panels when it comes to cleaning. Only clean solar panels provide optimum returns!

Perhaps of interest to you

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