Solar panels in Duizel

Have solar panels in Duizel installed by an experienced company? Solar Crew is a major regional player in the field of solar panels with its more than +8000 projects (both individuals and companies). With this we contribute to making the Netherlands energy neutral before 2050. As a resident of the municipality of Eersel, you naturally want to save on your monthly energy costs. Recovering the investment quickly is something that is possible with the solar panels of Solar Crew (+/- 6 years). When purchasing solar panels, we guide you from start to finish. What is the situation of your house and how are we going to get the most out of the sun? Questions we answer directly so you can send us to work with peace of mind!

Why solar panels in Duizel?

Recent projects


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Solar Crew shares with the Netherlands the ambition to be energy neutral in 2050. We are happy to play a role in this and in doing so, we are getting everything out of the sun in Duizel!


At Solar Crew you can expect customized advice that is always sincere and honest. You can spar with us about your questions and ideas. Through our years of experience you can rely on us. We think along with you and ensure the best desired result from which you get a nice return.

One thing is central to our advice; we translate your question into the best possible solution, focused on returns that bring an energy-neutral Netherlands another step closer.


During the engineering phase, we bring the project into technical focus. That way you won't encounter any surprises and you know what to expect from us. The plans and calculations made by Solar Crew are worked out in 3D. The same goes for the lifting positions and laying plans where we make sure that the safety of our employees and the environment in Duizel is paramount.


All installations are taken care of by Solar Crew itself. Not only do we put the solar panels on your roof, but we also convert the generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). You will always deal with the same team during the project in Duizel. They deliver high-quality mastery and understand technology.

Service and maintenance

Our service begins immediately after delivery. We ensure that you are guaranteed an optimal return, because our systems are monitored 24/7. We also periodically check and clean the system.