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Have solar panels installed on your business premises? Ideal if your business premises have a large roof and use a lot of energy every day. In this way, you can create a sustainable solution that can also provide substantial savings. Do you have no idea where to start and what the best solution is in terms of solar panels business premises? Then read on quickly.

Every commercial property is unique

Recent projects - Solar panels Company building

Moonen - Hilvarenbeek

View reviews | 2430 panels | 874,800 Wp | SDE+
Project hilvarenbeek agricultural solar panels installers around kempen quality solar power installer
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Emilius School - Son

View reviews | 538 panels | 172,160 Wp | SDE+
Emilius School - Son example solar crew solar panels
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Van Bragt - Tilburg

View reviews | 1396 panels | 516,520 Wp | SDE+
large business project SDE++ tilburg eindhoven kempen
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Atrium - Amsterdam

View reviews | 254 panels | 63,500 Wp | SDE
Nice project wall mounting amsterdam inlay solar panels solar crew
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Van Aaken - Middelbeers

View reviews | 748 panels | 280,500 Wp | SDE+
business project solar panels large business small business connections installation
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VanderSanden - Hedikhuizen brick factory

View reviews | 9710 panels | 2,670,250 Wp | SDE
installation solar crew solar panels inverters solar panels meter boxes environment region eindhoven eersel waalre valkenswaard veldhoven
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Take advantage of tax benefits

Your warehouse or other commercial building full of solar panels, you can probably picture it all. As a company you can make use of various subsidies, such as SDE++ subsidy or EIA (Energy Investment Allowance) in combination with the KIA (Small Investment Allowance). But where to start? Solar Crew advises you from a to z.

Advice for your business

Our advice will be tailored to your needs and requirements. Each building is different and each roof will require a different and correct method of working. Thanks to our many years of experience, you have come to the right place and we will provide you with an installation that suits your premises.

In the preliminary stage, we provide expert advice which ensures that the process is pleasantly preliminary. This advice can include the correct slope angle, functionality, efficiency and aesthetics. We also look at the type of roof of your premises and which solar panels are suitable for it. We will also include subsidy options in our advice.

Engineering installation

Engineering involves the technical framing of the entire project. This includes, consulting, engineering, installation, service and maintenance. We also work out laying plans and lifting positions in advance so that we can focus on safety for our employees and the environment.

During this phase we visualize as concretely as possible what we are going to do at the business hall or building. It is important to us that our clients understand how we are going to work. This applies to the entire process and we work together towards the dot on the horizon. What does your investment of solar panels on business premises mean in the long term and what choices will we make for this together?

Installation solar panels business hall or other commercial building

Solar Crew takes care of all installations. In doing so, we comply with all applicable standards and requirements. Solar Crew delivers high quality and only works with the most reliable brands and suppliers. We not only put the solar panels on the roof of your business hall or other business premises, but also take care of converting generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Service & Maintenance

Immediately after completion of the solar panel installation, service and maintenance begins with us. Your system will be monitored 24/7 so you can be assured that the efficiency is and remains optimal. In addition, we will periodically check the installation on location. We will discuss this with you. Clean solar panels produce returns! That's why at Solar Crew we provide periodic solar panel maintenance when it comes to cleaning.


Download some documents relevant to installing solar panels below.

Business presentation with examples Download
SRC_Information-EIA Grant Download
SRC_Information-ISDE Grant Download
SRC_Information-SDE++ Subsidy Download
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