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By purchasing solar panels in Best on your home, Best is becoming a little greener along with the rest of the Netherlands. Best has considerable ambition, as the municipality is striving to be the first region to become energy neutral. This means that all energy in Best will be generated in a sustainable way. Solar energy can contribute to this and as a resident of Best you can experience the benefits yourself. Solar Crew can help and guide you in this. Together we can make the most of the sun!

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Solar Crew provides craftsmanship where communication with you is key with the goal of achieving the desired result. With this you experience the benefits of solar panels on your roof and we make Best greener!


Advice starts in the preliminary stage where we are the ideal sparring partner. The advice you get from us is honest and sincere, which is why you will also hear from us when we disagree with something. This is how we achieve the desired result. Unfortunately, in practice we see that important things are overlooked. With Solar Crew you don't have to worry about this. We go through all the steps together with you.

One thing is central to our advice; we translate your question into the best possible solution, focused on returns that bring an energy-neutral Netherlands another step closer.


At Solar Crew, we think it's important that you as a client know where you stand and don't get any surprises. The entire project is technically portrayed from start to finish, which we call engineering.


Solar Crew installs the installations entirely in-house. These installations are of high quality and meet all applicable requirements and standards. In addition, we not only fill your roof with solar panels, but also take care of converting generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Service and maintenance

Service and maintenance is certainly not lacking at Solar Crew. After completion of the project, the installations are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure that efficiency remains optimal. And that's not the only thing. Solar Crew provides periodic inspection and maintenance of the installations in Best.