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By installing solar panels in Bergeijk, the municipality is one step closer to becoming energy neutral. All energy will then be generated in a sustainable way in Bergeijk. You invest smartly this way and contribute to a greener region. Solar Crew is the ideal partner to guide you through this. We go through the whole process with you and answer all your questions. What is needed to buy solar panels? What subsidies are there in Bergeijk? How does everything work? No worries. We have the answer!

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Recent projects

Wilvo Metaal - Bergeijk

View reviews | 1844 panels | 497,880 Wp | SDE+
Wilvo Metaal - Bergeijk business project solar panels solar crew b.v.
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First Class Bakery - Bergeijk

View reviews | 608 panels | 276,640 Wp | SDE++
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View reviews | 15 panels | 4,875 Wp | Offsetting
Private installation roof tile solar panels quality full black kempen and surroundings eersel bladel hapert valkenswaard veldhoven waalre region eindhoven
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Solar panels on flat roof of house in Bergeijk - Private project

View reviews | 16 panels | 6880 Wp | Offset
Solar panels on home in Bergijk
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View reviews | 26 panels | 10,530 Wp | Offsetting
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View reviews | 19 panels | 6,175 Wp | Offsetting
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From the beginning, Solar Crew provides you with advice in which we are honest and sincere. Purchasing solar panels saves costs and Solar Crew handles everything with you down to the last detail. From functionality to aesthetics. Everything is covered!


With engineering, Solar Crew brings the entire project in Bergeijk into technical focus. When we work out the plans and calculations in 3D, the safety of our employees and the environment in Bergeijk is central. It is essential for us that clients know what we are going to do. That's why everything is visualized as concretely as possible. That way you know what to expect from us!


Solar Crew does all installations ourselves and we adhere to all applicable requirements and standards. We only work with the most reliable brands and suppliers. Our installations are of high quality, and we not only fill the roof with solar panels, but also take care of converting generated energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Service & maintenance

Our systems ensure optimal efficiency because they are monitored 24/7. In consultation with the clients, the solar panels in Bergeijk are checked periodically. Clean solar panels ensure efficiency, which is why Solar Crew takes care of periodic maintenance of your solar panels!