The real installer

"On, only installation companies or consultants who have the right knowledge and skills in their field are listed. The proof is an accreditation or certificate through InstallQ. Recognized or certified installation companies/advisors are familiar with laws and regulations in their field. Guidelines and rules they know how to apply properly and safely."(The Real Installer - Quality of the InstallQ accredited installer, s.d.)


"Safe good quality installations for all of the Netherlands: that is the goal of the independent InstallQ Foundation. To achieve this goal, InstallQ develops and manages a wide range of quality schemes."(About InstallQ | Who we are and what we do, s.d.)


"SCC stands for Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist Contractors. With an SCC diploma or certificate, you lay the foundation for getting to work safely and healthily every day."(Home :: SCC, s.d.)

Holland Solar

"Holland Solar and its members hold quality and safety in high regard. For and together with our members, we are constantly working to improve quality and safety in the Dutch solar energy sector. Examples include the Zonnekeur quality mark, the Solar Energy Handbook and the Dakreflector."(Holland Solar - Safety & Quality, s.d.)

Recognized Training Company

Solar Crew is an approved apprenticeship company. Hereby we can train students in practice and support them during the learning process. As a recognized learning company, we make an important contribution to the future of craftsmanship.

Enphase - Platinum Installer

As a regular Enphase installer, we have been awarded by Enphase through Platinum certification. Enphase has qualified its installers in 3 tiers - Platinum, Gold and Silver. As a Platinum partner we have a very long track record of installing Enphase products in the Netherlands. In addition, we are awarded for delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. At the time of writing, there are only 31 Platinum Enphase installers out of 2,000 Enphase installers in the Netherlands.

Engineering Netherlands

"Our members design, supply, install and maintain 'smart technology'. From solar panel, heat pump, panel building, bathrooms and smart homes, to fast and secure data connections, innovative traffic solutions, complete technical and industrial installations, increasingly smart production lines and flexible buildings. On the basis of quality, reliability, craftsmanship and service."(Techniek Nederland, s.d.)

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