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Solar Panels Agricultural

More than tailored advice

Solar panels for farmers to make your farm more sustainable and save energy? Then you've come to the right place at Solar Crew. Solar Crew has already helped many agricultural entrepreneurs with the design and installation of solar panels on stables. We make use of various subsidies, such as SDE++ subsidy or EIA (Energy Investment Allowance) in combination with KIA (Small Investment Allowance). Anyway, where to start? Solar Crew also advises you as a farmer in this phase. Even better, we take care of the actual application(s). And perhaps most importantly, we do not assume that you know exactly what subsidies are available. That's why we are happy to inform you!

In addition, you're probably stuck with legions of questions about solar panels on barns or your premises that lack answers. Solar Crew comes with answers. So before we get to work on actually putting those solar panels on barn roofs, we make sure everything is clear to you. That all your questions have been answered. Apart from answering those questions, we also like to think along with you beforehand. For example, about the level of finish of the panels and substructure and the shade on the roof. By looking at this carefully, we can determine which inverter is most interesting (string or parallel).

We also make maximum use of the connection values/connection and visualize our own usage. Here it is also possible to choose a dynamic connection, so that the power can be adjusted back at a later stage if necessary. Finally -as a kind of icing on the cake- we provide -if necessary- the mediation in transformer stations. We coordinate each component with extreme precision, with the aim of eliminating unnecessary components. The right transformer is of extreme importance and prevents unnecessary (high) costs.


For us engineering means the technical visualization of a project from A to Z (advice, engineering, installation as well as service and maintenance). We make calculations and work out plans in 3D. Laying plans and hoisting positions are also worked out. Safety for our people and the environment is our main concern. We also map this out in advance.

During the engineering phase, we visualize as concretely as possible what we will do and how we will do it. We find it important that clients understand us and know what we are doing. This applies from quotation to the delivery phase of the solar panels on stables or other roofs, and everything in between. We work towards that well-known dot on the horizon; what does your investment mean for the long term? And what choices will we make together?

Solar panels agricultural at Quirijnen - Lage Mierde

Projects of solar panels on barns at:

Moonen - Hilvarenbeek

View reviews | 2430 panels | 874,800 Wp | SDE+
Project hilvarenbeek agricultural solar panels installers around kempen quality solar power installer
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Huybregts - Reusel

View reviews | 772 panels | 343,540 Wp Wp | SDE++
View project

Van der Lee Poultry - Schaijk

View reviews | 862 panels | 392,210 Wp | SDE++
View project

Beerens - Hoogeloon

View reviews | 944 panels | 438,960 Wp Wp | SDE++
View project

Service & maintenance

With us, service and maintenance begins immediately after completion of the solar panel installation. All of our clients' systems are monitored 24/7 to ensure that the efficiency is and remains optimal.

In addition to continuous remote monitoring, we also periodically check the installation on site. By taking measurements and checking the solar panels with infrared, we can be sure that the installation is performing 100%. We also provide periodic maintenance of solar panels when it comes to cleaning. Only clean solar panels provide optimum returns!

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    Roadmap after quotation request

    When you have submitted a solar panel quote request to us, of course you would like to know what the next steps are. We explain them to you below. For now, we say: request a quote, then be patient and before you know it, you too can get the most out of the sun!

    Upon receipt of your quote request, you will receive an indicative quote from us within 10 business days.

    We will contact you within 10 working days after you have received the indicative quotation. We would like to hear from you whether it meets your needs/expectations and answer any questions you may have.

    If the offer is clear to you, we will schedule an on-site consultation and technical viewing (within 10 business days). We do this only on request. The choice is yours.

    Based on the -eventual- consultation and the technical visit on location, we will work out a final offer for you. You will receive this within 10 working days after the on-site visit.

    Go through the final quote slowly and if you have any questions feel free to ask. At this stage of the quotation process, you will have a point of contact within Solar Crew. When everything is clear, you can digitally sign the quotation. This completes the quotation process. Your contact person informs you about the next steps, planning and, of course, the installation date.