Solar Crew colors southern Netherlands orange!

Who isn't talking about it? Energy neutral, sustainability, 0 on the meter, smart energy. We at Solar Crew don't just talk about it; we actually get to work on it. Why do we do that?

The Netherlands has the ambition to be energy neutral by 2050. We share this ambition and are happy to play a leading role in achieving it. We do this for ourselves and especially for our future generations.

Like us, many companies and government agencies want to play a role in making our country and their specific (work) environment more sustainable. Where we have all the knowledge and expertise, it is much more difficult for them. Where do you start? What is needed? What are the specific possibilities in terms of solar panels? Fortunately, we are there. Because we, we get -for you- everything out of the sun.

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    Roadmap after quotation request

    Once you've submitted a quote request to us, you'll naturally want to know what the next steps are. We explain them to you below. For now, we say: request a quote, then be patient and before you know it, you too can make the most of the sun!

    Upon receipt of your quote request, you will receive an indicative quote from us within 10 business days.

    We will contact you within 10 working days after you have received the indicative quotation. We would like to hear from you whether it meets your needs/expectations and answer any questions you may have.

    If the offer is clear to you, we will schedule an on-site consultation and technical viewing (within 10 business days). We do this only on request. The choice is yours.

    Based on the -eventual- consultation and the technical visit on location, we will work out a final offer for you. You will receive this within 10 working days after the on-site visit.

    Go through the final quote slowly and if you have any questions feel free to ask. At this stage of the quotation process, you will have a point of contact within Solar Crew. When everything is clear, you can digitally sign the quotation. This completes the quotation process. Your contact person informs you about the next steps, planning and, of course, the installation date.

    Solar Crew. Sun suppliers est. 2012

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    • No electricity charges
    • Offsetting
    • Added value on the home
    • CO2 emissions / leaving a better world behind



    • No electricity charges
    • Balance or supply for other power
    • Subsidies: energy investment deduction, renewable energy investment subsidy, renewable energy subsidy++
    • Added value on the property
    • CO2 emissions / leaving a better world behind

    Solar Crew. A low-energy Netherlands one step closer.


    Realized solar panels

    We are proud of what we accomplish together with our clients. Meanwhile, in the period between 2012 and 2023, we have installed as many as 216,744 solar panels.

    Realized installations

    Behind every properly functioning solar panel is a high-quality installation. We have already completed more than 10,831 installations.

    Watts installed

    Since we have been getting everything from the sun, we have achieved a whopping 74,562,850 (WP) of installed capacity.

    Years of experience

    Every day we get better and every day we achieve more. Together with our clients, we make the Netherlands more sustainable. We have been doing this for 11 years. Every day with new energy and enormous fun.